Requirements for a LAZOLA Cooker Manufacturing Project

Well functioning solar cookers are an important requirement to spread their use and popularity. That however, is only one of various conditions to be fulfilled.

Increasing Shortage of Combustibles

For years it has been a trend in many places: fuel runs shorter and its cost rises, thereby increasing the willingness to try solar cooking.

It is no longer about noble goals like environmental protection and the preservation of creation. Considering the high prices for gas, paraffin, wood or charcoal the question is, whether food ca be cooked at all.

Open-Mindedness of the people

The hardest challenge of all is to motivate the people concerned to make use of the solar cooker. It means setting aside deeply rooted habits in cooking and eating and to experiment with new patterns of behavior until new habits are formed.

Generally speaking, we humans tend to be less open to change and rather cling to the ways of life, handed down. It needs compelling necessity to give up traditional habits, that are virtually part of our identity. This necessity, however, will arise in the coming years for many.

Solid, Efficient and User Friendly Solar Cookers

The transition will rather succeed with good solar cookers than with low quality material. The LAZOLA initiative is convinced to make an important contribution with their robust durable cooker types and its concept of production.

Committed exemplary Women

The changeover to solar cooking has certainly a higher chance of success, if in the beginning some respected women of a group or community are won over to the necessities of this change and if they become familiar with the versatile new opportunities that solar cooking offers.

A Transparent Dissemination Concept and Long-Term Financial Support

Poverty in many of the affected countries has grown to such an extent, that the people most in need of solar cookers are definitely not able to buy them. That is why the production of the cookers must be debt financed at its beginning.

One way for the people to acquire a cooker could be, to receive them via a hire-purchase agreement.

This way cookers could come into use and would become the property of the user quite quickly. Such distribution models require the manageable social structure of a village or a church community.