LAZOLA Solar Cookers

In many developing countries wood for cooking and baking is becoming increasingly scarce or is no longer available.

The most important alternative to cooking and baking with wood and fossil fuels is therefore the use of solar energy. This requires efficient, user-friendly solar cookers.

The metal plated box cooker LAZOLA is an innovative answer to one of the most urgent energy problems of the near future.

The Lazola initiative has been working for years to develop high standard solar box cookers and construction manuals for serial production in sunny countries.

Our new innovative construction set is provided free of charge - like the sun - accessible to everyone. We hope that our very practical suggestions give many the stimulus to build good solar cookers

The Lazola Team

Lazola means in the language of the Xhosa, a people of South Africa: The sky is cheerful and quiet. - At the Xhosa, the first workshop was established, in which the forerunner of today's Lazola cookers were built.
(The Z is spoken like a voiced s.)