Lazola Initiative

The Lazola Initiative for the Promotion of Solar Cooking in Paderborn is a non-profit organization. Members work voluntarily. Their main goal is the development and dissemination of the Lazola cooker.

The Lazola-Initiative has developed a number of hand-built box-cooker models, which have been tested and improved many times in practice.

The Lazola Initiative supports NGOs and private initiatives with diverse know-how in the implementation of LAZOLA construction projects in developing countries; But it does not carry out any projects itself. However, it arranges experts for the performance of on-site construction courses and also offers construction courses in Germany.

The most important technical base for the manufacturing of the Lazola cooker is a very detailed, innovative video-supported construction manual with many explanatory video clips.

A short video trailer, showing only a few excerpts, provides a first impression. It is shown that with very simple production aids even unpracticed workers will be able to learn and execute all necessary skills.

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