Constructive Features:


The LAZOLA has many constructive characteristics. It is a robust, user-friendly and hand-crafted device with high-quality technology, almost the same as the no longer available LAZOLA 2.
  • The outer box (1) is made of 0.5 mm galvanized sheet metal. The parts are riveted together. The accuracy in cutting and bending the skew parts which is usually hard to achieve, is made easy by different jigs.
  • The inner box (2) is folded of used offset printing sheets. Various folding jigs and an elaborate step-by-step guide help ensure the accuracy of this step. To keep the steam generated by the cooking from penetrating into the insulation of the cooker, the box is completely sealed with heat resistant silicone.
  • The glass frame (5) made of 15 mm plywood is located between the two glass panes, stuck with silicone. It is enclosed with a metal glass frame (6). In this way the wooden frame is protected from the sun and will not deform, even with long usage. The same applies to the box frame.
  • Even a sudden tropical downpour will not harm the cooker.
  • Outer and inner box are connected by a wooden frame of 15 mm plywood (no No.). This prevents heat conduction from the (hot) inner box to the outer box. As it is tightly screwed to the outer box, it will not deform, even under high temperatures.
  • By means of the black "hot plate" (12) and the light walls, cooking vessels receive mainly heat via the bottom (and less radiation from the sides as in box cookers with black walls).
  • Pots must no longer be necessarily black, they are required though, to have a flat bottom to be in good contact with the "hot plate"
  • Thanks to many user friendly features, the LAZOLA is easy to handle and easy to carry.
  • A bimetallic "thermometer" (11) mounted to the left side of the inner box gives an approximate indication of the temperature.