The Cooker and its Parts
Dimensions and Weight
Ls: Dimensions at the top:
63 x 63 x 39 cm - Weight approx. 18 kg
Lw: Dimensions at the top:
63 x 99 x 39 cm - Weight approx. 26 kg
Cooker Parts
Insulated outer box
Inner box (tub)
Box handles
Reflective cover
Wooden glass-frame with double glassing
Metall glass-frame
Glass-frame handle
Support of reflektive cover
Support of glass-frame
Safety chains
Bimetal gauge
"Hot plate"
The Lazola consists essentially of three Parts:
  • a well-insulated inner box (1). The heat from the captured solar radiation is collected within. A black metallic "hot plate" conducts it to the cooking pot. (12).
  • a tightly closing double-glazed cover (6). It prevents the heat from escaping.
  • a reflective cover (4). When opened, it reflects additional sunlight into the cooker. When closed, it helps to keep cooked food warm for hours